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Italy Love it or Leave it - DVD ENGLISH - Region 2

Italy Love it or Leave it - DVD ENGLISH - Region 2

The lease on their apartment is up and Gustav and Luca must decide whether to leave or stay in Italy. Having witnessed the exodus of many friends already, Gustav thinks it's time to go somewhere more progressive, such as Berlin. But Luca believes there are good reasons to stay in Italy, and sets out to convince Gustav of its mysterious allure and passionate people.

The paid give themselves six months to see if they can fall in love with their country again. In a Fiat 500, they embark on a road trip, seeking iconic Italian people and places, discovering a country full of contradictions. Their droll, amusing exchanges and stunning camerawork make Italy Love It or Leave It a memorable documentary about an ancient country on the precipice of significant change.
  • Details

    DVD - English narration, English subtitles

    Region 2 - PAL
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